Park Sign Designed by landscape architect Michael Rosales, the .4 acre community rose garden is located in the South Natomas Community Park adjacent to the South Natomas Library. Four intersecting circles connected with wide walkways are planted with about 500 roses.

One of the rose circles is dedicated to Veterans. Others are dedicated to heritage roses and new rose varieties. A larger semi-circle of rose beds leads to the central Grand Trellis, creating a lovely setting for weddings and other community events.

Wide walkways are lined with a variety of tree roses. Climbing roses will adorn the four 10-foot tall steel trellises as well as the three-part Grand Trellis. Councilmember Ray Tretheway and Mayor Heather Fargo donated the Grand Trellis at the first fundraiser held on November 3, 2005

Stone seat walls at the edge of circular rose beds welcome visitors to sit and enjoy the garden’s beauty. As funding permits, more benches will be installed throughout the garden. Future plans also include a five-tier fountain.



Designed by Michael Rosales, the plan was approved by Sacramento City Council in 2006.

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